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DEMO  available now!

A Fantasy Visual Novel about trust and family expectations, maybe even about finding the one.

The Protagonist: Nedelya Sylfamei/Neuville

A History teacher at the Edelweiss Academy, sometimes helps her colleagues with match making assignments. Loves books, learning new things and adores books about magic. A Powerful mage whose past is a thightly guarded secret.

Stoyan Travers

A Royal Mage with a scary face. Comes from humble roots but has obtained a vast theoretical and practical knowledge about magic. Currently trying to dull his curiosity towards certain events from few years ago. Mostly because that same curiosity has been recognized with a warning and a forced department change.

Chavdar Adrichem

Your client for a match making assignment. Sheldered upbringin might have made him a bit too blunt, considering his high status. Enjoys studying different cultures and strives to be an advisor for the future king.

An entry for Otome Jam 2022.

Only a DEMO was released at the end of the Jam. It  contains the start of the story (a common route).

Programming/Writing/Art: Zuppu

Proofreading: Ra-Chan


Music: Dubious by LunaLucid

Calamity by Lunalucid

Ludum Dare 32 Track Two and Three by Abstraction

Ludum Dare 30 Track One by Abstraction


StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
TagsFantasy, Female Protagonist, Otome, otomejam, Romance


FromCrescenttillGibbous-1.0-mac.zip 96 MB
FromCrescenttillGibbous-1.0-pc.zip 130 MB

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Hi Zuppu :)

I love the story, the characters, the thoughts of  Nedelya.

You made a very unusual visual novel :)

I am looking forward the full version :)

The music is great too :)

Amazing job 🥰


Thank you for checking the demo out and I'm so happy to hear you liked it. 

And it's great you like the thoughts of Nedelya cos there are much of those...

Cant't actually wait the full version either~